Lists A-C, D-F, G-J, K-M, N-Q, R-S, T-V, W-Z, New.
311 Debut
10 Speed Debut Advance
10 Speed demos CD-R
10,000 Maniacs Wishing Chair
10,000 Maniacs Few & Far Between ep
10,000 Maniacs Candy Everybody Wants CD Single
10,000 Maniacs Love Amoung The Ruins
10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged
10,000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden
10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe
10,000 Maniacs Blind Man's Zoo
2 Pac Until The End Of time CD Single
29 Palms Fatal Joy CD-R
29 Palms No Eden
3 Pac Greatest Hits
4 Pac Better Days CD-R
50 Cent Get Rich Of Die Trying CD-R
5th Dimension Definitive Collection
808 State 88-98
A House I am the Greatest
A House Wide Eyed and Ignorant
A House Endless Art EP
A House 360 North Rocky Lane EP
Aaliyah I Care 4 U-Best CD-R
Aaliyah Aaliyah CD-R
Abandoned Pools Humantic
Abba 3 cd Box Set Import
Abba Greatest Hits
ABC Alphabet City
ABC Abracadabra
ABC Lexicon Of Love
ABC Beauty Stab
ABC Lexicon Of Live
ABC Absolutely
ABC Very Best
ABC How To Be A Zillionaire
Abdul, Paula Spellbound
Abdul, Paula Greatest Hits
AC DC Hard Hits Best Of CD-R
AC DC Let There be Rock CD-R
AC/DC Back In Black
AC/DC High Voltage
AC/DC For Those About To Rock
AC/DC Highway To Hell
AC/DC Who Made who
AC/DC Dirty Deeds
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip
AC/DC Razor's Edge
Ace Of Base The Sign
Acoustic Alchemy Beautiful Game
Adams, Bryan So Far So Good-Best
Adams, Ryan Gold
Adams, Ryan Demolition CD-R
Adams, Ryan Rock N Roll plus CD-R
Adams, Ryan Love Is Hell Pt 1 & 2 CD-R
Adema Debut CD-R
Admiral Twin Mock Hotel
Adorable Against Perfection
Adult Net Honey Tangle
Aerosmith Done with Mirrors
Aerosmith Pump
Aerosmith Big Ones
Aerosmith Big 10 inch sampler
Afghan Wigs Black Love
Afghan Wigs Bonnie and Clyde EP
Afghan Wigs Gentleman
Afghan Wigs Histororetion Promo
Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2
Afro Celt Sound System Volume 3
After 7 The Very Best
After Shock Slave to the Vibe
Aguliera, Christina Stripped CD-R
Aha Memorial Beach CD-R
Aha Scoundrel Days
Aha East of the Sun CD-R
Aha Hunting High and Low
Aha The Hits Import
Aha Minor Earth Major Sky Import
Air Premiere Symphonies
Air 10,000 HZ Legend CD-R
Air Virgin Suicides
Air Moon Safari Adv
Air Supply Greatest Hits
Air Supply Christmas Album
Aire, India Acoustic Soul
Aire, India Voyage To India
Alarm Declaration
Alarm Strength
Alarm Standards
Alarm Eye of the Hurricaine
Alarm Raw
Alarm Change
Alarm Greatest Hits Live
Alarm Electric Folklore Live
Albert, Herb Tijuana Brass Best Of
Alice in Chains Nothings Safe
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains
Alien Art Farm Antology CD-R
All American Rejects Debut CD-R
All Saints All Saints
Allen, Peter Millenium Best Of
Allison, Dot Afterglow
Allison, Mose Jazz Profiles
Almedea, Lorenzo Best Of
Almond, Marc Stars we Are
Almond, Marc Treasure Box 2 CD
Alphaville Singles Collection
Alvin, Dave Romeo's Escape
Ambient Volume 1
Ambient Volume 2
Ambient Volume 3
Ambrosia Anthology
Ambrosia Life Beyond LA Import
Ambrosia One Eighty Import
America Greatest Hits
America Encore/ More Greatest Hits
American Comedy Box Box Set
American Hi Fi American Hi Fi
American Hi Fi Art of Losing CD-R
American Music Club California
American Music Club Hello Amsterdam
American Music Club San Francisco
American Music Club Mercury
Ames, Ed My Cup runneth Over
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes
Amos, Tori Under The Pink
Amos, Tori Scarlett's Walk CD-R
Amos, Tori Crucify ep
Amos, Tori y Kant Tori Read
Amos, Tori Strange Little Girls
Amos, Tori Hey Jupiter
Amos, Tori From Choirgirl Hotel
Amos, Tori Tales Of Librarian CD-R
Amos,. Tori To Venus & Back
Amp Mtv Compilation
Anderson, Carleen True Spirit
Anderson, Leroy Best
Andrea Bocelli Verdi
Andrews, Julie Best Of
Andrews, Julie Broadway:Richard Rogers
Androne, Leah Leah Androne
Angelfish Angelfish
Angun Snow On The Sahara
Animal Logic Animal Logic
Animal Logic Two
Animal Logic Rose Colored Glasses EP
Anka, Paul His Best
Anka, Paul Classic Hits
Anka, Paul Best Of United Artists
Ant, Adam Strip
Ant, Adam Wonderful
Ant, Adam & Ants-Live at bbc
Ant, Adam & Ants-B-Sides
Ant, Adam Manners &
Ant, Adam Antics In Forbidden Zone-Best Of
Anthony, Ray Capitol Collectors Series
Apollo Four Forty Electro Colide In Blue
Apollonia Apollonia
Apollonia 6 Apollonia 6 Import
Apple, Fiona Tidal Autographed
Apple, Fiona when The Pawn CD-R
April Wine Nature Of The Beast
Arcadia So Red The Rose
Archangel, Natalie debut
Archer, Tasmine Shipbuilding
Archer, Tasmine Great Expectations
Armatrading, Joan Classics (best of)
Armstrong, Louis Best Of Decca
Armstrong, Louis Greatest Hits
Armstrong, Louis Complete Duke Ellington
Armstrong, Louis California Concerts
Armstrong, Louis Blueberry Hill
Armstrong, Louis Back Through The Years
Arnold, David Shaken Not Stirred
Arrested Development Zingalamadumi
Arrested Development 3 years, 5 months, 2 days
Art Of Noise Who's Afraid Of
Arthur, Joseph Redemption Son
Arthur, Joseph Come To Where I'm From
Ash Nu Clear Days
Ash 1977
Ashcroft, Richard Human Conditions
Ashcroft, Richard Alone with Everybody
Ashford & Simpson Very Best
Ashford & Simpson Capitol Gold
Asia Very Best
Association Essential (best of)
Astaire, Fred Top Hat-Hollywood Hits
Astley, Jon Everyone Loves The Pilot Except
Astley, Rick Free
Astley, Rick Hold Me In Your Arms
Astley, Rick Whenever You Need Somebody
At The Drive In Relationship Of Lemmings
Atari Teenage Riot Burn Berlin Burn
Atlantic Records Year In Review 1989
Atrixio Atrixio Advance
Audio Two I Don't Care
Audioslave Audioslave CD-R
Audioslave debut CD-R
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop 1
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop 2
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop 3
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop 4
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop 5
AUDREY's CDS Kidz Bop Christmas
AUDREY's CDS Cailou: Cailou Favs
AUDREY's CDS Elmo: Best Of cd-r
AUDREY's CDS Blues Big Musical Adventure cd-r
AUDREY's CDS For Our Children
AUDREY's CDS Snow White
AUDREY's CDS Sleeping Beauty
AUDREY's CDS Oswald: Pop Goes The Octopus
AUDREY's CDS Tex Avery Cartoons
AUDREY's CDS All Together Now
AUDREY's CDS Pecos Bill
AUDREY's CDS Sunny Days
AUDREY's CDS Little Mermaid 2
AUDREY's CDS Barney Favorites #1
AUDREY's CDS Sesame Street Platinum
AUDREY's CDS Baby Einstein
AUDREY's CDS 100 All Time Children's Favs
AUDREY's CDS John Lithgow: Farkle & Friends
AUDREY's CDS Charlie Brown Suite cd-r
AUDREY's CDS Gwendolyn & The Good Time Gang
AUDREY's CDS Teletubbies: Nursery Rhymes cd-r
AUDREY's CDS Sesame Street Celebration
AUDREY's CDS You're A Mean One Mr Grinch
AUDREY's CDS Hana Barbara Classics
AUDREY's CDS Monsters Inc cd-r
AUDREY's CDS Build Your Babies Brain
Auf De Maur Advance
Autechere Tri Repetage
Autograph Sign In Please
Autour De Lucie Immobile
Autour De Lucie Autour De Lucie
Autour De Lucie B-Sides CD-R
Autour De Lucie Sur Tu Pas EP #1
Autour De Lucie Sur Tu Pas EP #2
Autour De Lucie Faux  Movement
Autour De Lucie Chanson Sans Issue
Autuers Now I'm A Cowboy
Axton, Hoyt American Originals
Aznavour, Charles You & Me
Aznavour, Charles Greatest Golden Hits
Aztec Camera Love
Aztec Camera High Land, Hard Rain
Aztec Camera Knife
Aztec Camera Stray
Aztec Camera Dreamland
Aztec Camera Retrospective Promo
Aztec Camera Frestonia
Aztec Camera Spanish Horses Import Ep
Aztec Camera Dream Sweet Dreams Import Ep
Aztec Camera Cover & Rare Import
Aztec Camera Live & Rare Import
B, Eric & Rakim Greatest Hits cd-r
B52's Anthology
B52's Time Capsule (best of)
Babble The Stone
Babyface Best Of CD-R
Babylon Zoo With the X-Ray Eyes
Babys Anthology Advance
Bacharach, Burt Best Of
Bacharach, Burt Reach Out
Bacharach, Burt Greates Hits
Bacharach, Burt Box Set Sampler Promo
Bacharach, Burt Box Set
Backstreet Boys Millenium
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys Black & Blue CD-R
Bacman Turner Overdrive Greatest Hits
Bad Company 10 from 6
Bad English Debut
Bad English Backlash Autographed
Bad Plus These are The Vistas
Badfinger Best Of
Badfinger Straight Up
Badfinger No Dice
Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed The Fish
Badly Drawn Boy About A Boy CD-R
Badly Drawn Boy Hour Of The Bewilderbeast
Badu, Erykah Live
Badu, Erykah Baduizm
Badu, Erykah Mama's Gun
Badu, Erykah World Wide Underground cd-r
Bailey, Pearl 16 Most Requested
Bainbridge, Merille The Garden
Baker, Anita Rapture
Baker, Anita Best Of
Baker, Chet Embracable You
Baker, Chet My Funny Valentine
Baker, Chet Jazz Profile
Baker, Josephine story 2 cd set
Bambatta, Afrika The Light
Banarama Essentials
Banarama Banarama
Banarama Greatest Hits
Band, The To Kingdon Come-Best Of 2 cd set
Bangles Greatest Hits
Barenaked Ladies Gordon
Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits CD-R
Barry, John EMI Years #1
Barry, John EMI Years #2
Barry, Kristen The Beginning, Middle & End
Base, Rob & Eazy Rock It Takes Two
Baseball's Greatest Hits
Basehead Play With Toys
Basement Jaxx Rooty CD-R
Basia Time & Tide
Basia Brave New Hope
Basia Basia
Basia London, Warsaw, New York
Basia Best Of CD-R
Basie, Count Complete Decca
Bauhaus Crackle
Bauhaus And Peter Murphy Best Of
Baxter, Les Que mago
Baxter, Les Best Of
Baxter, Les Exotic moods
Bay City Rollers Greatest Hits
Bbmak Into Your Head
Bbmak Debut Cd
BBmak Still on your side D-Pro Promo
Beach Boys Pet sounds
Beach Boys Absolutely Best #1
Beach Boys Absolutely Best #2
Beach Boys Christmas Album
Beach Boys 14 Track Sampler Promo
Beach Boys Still Crusin
Beach Boys Good Vibrations: Box Set
Beastie Boys Anthology
Beastie Boys Anthology Sampler Promo
Beastie Boys Licenced To Ill
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys Dis Yourself in 89 D-Pro Promo
Beastie Boys Check Your Head
Beastie Boys Root Down Ep
Beastie Boys Ill Communications
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
Beastie Boys Shadrach, Meshack D-Pro Promo
Beastie Boys whatcha want Ep
Beastie Boys In Sound From The Way Out
Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit
Beatles Anthology #1
Beatles Anthology #2
Beatles Anthology #3
Beatles 67-70
Beatles 62-66
Beatles Hard days Night
Beatles For Sale
Beatles White Album 2 cd set
Beatles Live at BBC
Beatles Let It Be
Beatles Past Masters #1
Beatles Past Masters #2
Beatles #1s
Beatles Help
Beatles Revolver
Beatles Abby Road
Beatles Sgt Pepper
Beatles Rubber Soul
Beatles Yellow Submarine
Beatles With the Beatles
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles Please Please Me
Beatles Anthology #1 Sampler Promo
Beatles Anthology #2 Sampler Promo
Beatles Anthology #3 Sampler Promo
Beatles Live at The BBC Sampler Promo
Beatles Love Me Do 3 track cd single
Beatles Free As A Bird 4 track cd single
Beatles Real Love 4 track cd single
Beatles Cd Singles Box Set
Beatles Baby It's You Cd Single
Beatles Mowtown Tribute To
Beatles Tropical Tribute To
Beatles Instrumentally Yours
Beatles Bob Belden Tribute To Strawberry Fields
Beatles Let It Be Naked CD-R
Beautiful South Choke
Beautiful South Zero 8 98
Beautiful South Painting It Red
Beautiful South Carry Up The Charts-Best Of
Beautiful South Welcome To The
Beautiful South Blue Is The Colour
Beavouir, Jean Drums Along The Mowhawk
Beck Sea Change CD-R
Beck Gold
Beck Odelay
Beck Midnight Vultures
Beck, Jeff Beckology Promo
Beckham, Victoria Mix Cd CD-R
Bee Gees Size Isn't Everything
Bee Gees For The Record-Best Of 2 cd set
Bee Gees This Is Where I Came in
Beegees Box Set
Bel Canto Birds Of Passage
Belafonte, Harry **89**
Belafonte, Harry An Evening With
Belafonte, Harry Jump On Calypso
Belafonte, Harry Wish You A Merry Christmas
Belle & Sebastien Fold Your Hands..
Belle & Sebastien Boy With The Arab Strap
Belle & Sebastien If You're Feeling Sinister
Belle & Sebastien Tiger Milk CD-r
Belle & Sebastien Dear Catastrophe Waitress CD-R
Belle Biv Devoe Greatest Hits
Belle, Book & Candle Read My Sign
Belles Omertia
Belly King
Belly Star
Belly Best Of
Belly Baby Sivertooth Import
Beloved Happiness
Beloved Conscience
Ben Folds Five Debut
Ben Folds Five Whatever & Ever Amen
Ben Folds Five Fear Of Pop Vol #1
Ben Folds Five Naked Baby Pictures
Ben Folds Five Truth & Rumour Promo
Ben Folds Five Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner
Ben Folds Five Kate Import-CD Single
Ben Folds Five Who Could Care Less #1 Import-CD Single
Ben Folds Five Who Could Care Less #2 Import-CD Single
Benatar, Pat Very Best Of 2 cd set
Bennet, Tony On Holiday
Bennet, Tony Jazz
Bennet, Tony Snowfall
Bennet, Tony The Playground
Bennet, Tony Something
Bennet, Tony Steppin Out
Bennet, Tony Bennet/Berlin
Bennet, Tony KD Lang-Wonderful World CD-R
Bennet, Tony Atoria
Bennet, Tony Perfectly Frank
Bennet, Tony Together Again-Bill Evans
Bennet, Tony Who Can I Turn To
Bennet, Tony I Wanna Be Around
Bennet, Tony Movie Songs Album
Bennet, Tony Plays With Friends-Blues
Bennet, Tony I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Bennet, Tony Here's The the Ladies
Bennet, Tony Sings ellington CD-R
Bennet, Tony 40 Years: Box Set
Benson, Brendan Lapalco
Benson, Brendan One Mississippi
Benson, George Gimme The Night
Benson, George Best Of
Berlin Best Of
Berry, Chuck Box Set
Bertine Morbid Late Night Show
Bertine Apples & Diamonds Cd Single
Beta Band 3 eps cd-r
Better Than Ezra Closer
Better Than Ezra Friction Baby
Better Than Ezra Deluxe
Better Than Ezra How Does Your Garden Grow
Bettie Seveert Palomine
Bettie Seveert Dust Bunnies
Bettie Seveert Lamprey
Beyonce Dangerously In Love cd-r
Bible Eureka
Bible Random Acts Of Kindness
Bible Dodo import
Bible Walking The Ghost Back Home Import
Bible Crystal Palace Import cd single
Bicycle Debut
Big Audio Dynamite This Is Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite #10 Uppington Street
Big Audio Dynamite Toighten Up The Volume 88
Big Audio Dynamite Greatest Hits
Big Audio Dynamite Higher Power
Big Audio Dynamite Looking For a Song 2 cd set
Big Audio Dynamite Punk Cd Single
Big Audio Dynamite Ally Pally Paradiso cd single-Promo
Big Bands In Hi Fi Volume 1 2 cd set
Big Bands In Hi Fi Volume 2 2 cd set
Big Chief Platinum Jive
Big Country Best Of
Big Country Peace In Our Time
Big Country The Crossing
Big Daddy Cuting Our Own Grooves
Big Pig Boink
Big Star A Little Promo
Bingo Boys Best Of
Bird, Andrew Weather Systems
Birdland Shoot Your Down
Bis Return To Central
Bis This Is Teen C Power
Bis New Transister Heroes
Bis Social Dancing
Bis Music For A Strange world
Bishop, Joey Sings Country & Western CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live Sands 5/3/65 CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live Sands 4/30 & 5/4 /65 CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live In Philly 65 CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live at Sands 5/2/65 cd-r
Bishop, Joey Live In Philly 64-2nd show CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live In Philly 64-1rst show CD-R
Bishop, Joey Live at Sands 9-18-64 CD-R
Bishop, Stephen Careless
Biz Markie Biz Never Sleeps
Bjork Post
Bjork Debut
Bjork Vespertine CD-R
Bjork Homogenic
Black 47 Songs Of Freedom
Black Box Dreamland
Black Crows Kicking My Heart-Best Of Promo
Black Eyed Peas Elephunk cd-r
Black Grape Stupid Stupid Stupid
Black Grape Great when You're Straight..Yeah
Black Lab Your Body Above Me
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Debut
Black Rebel Motorcyle Club Take Them On Your Own cd-r
Black Sabbath We Sold Our Sould For Rock n Roll
Black Sheep Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
Black, Frank Teenager Of The Year
Black, Frank Frank Black
Blackolicious Blazzing Arrow CD-R
Blackolicious Cd Single
Blackstreet Another Lover
Blackstreet Finally
Blades, Colin Debut Advance
Blake Babies God Bless The
Blake Babies Earwig
Blake Babies Sunburn
Blake Babies Innocense & Experience
Blakey, Art A History of
Blasters Anthology CD #1 CD-R
Blasters Anthology CD #2 CD-R
Blessid Union Of Souls Singles
Blind Faith
Blind Melon Soup
Blind Melon Blind Melon
Blind Melon Nico
Blink 182 Enema Of The State
Blink 182 Dude Ranch
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket CD-R
Blink 182 Self Titled cd-r
Blinker The Star Below Slding Doors
Blinker The Star Bourgeious Kitty
Blinker The Star August Evrywhere
Block Timing Is Everything
Block Lead Me Into Penn Station
Blondie Platinum Collection 2 cd set
Blondie Blonde & Beyond
Blondie No Exit
Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster
Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies
Bloodhound Gang Use Youf Fingers
Blow Monkeys Animal Magic
Blow Monkeys She Was A Grocer's Daughter
Blow Monkeys Realms Of Gold Dr Robert Solo
Blow Monkeys Choices-Best Of
Blue Aeroplanes Beatsongs
Blue Aeroplanes World Blue View
Blue Aeroplanes Swagger
Blue Magic Best Of
Blue Man Group Audio
Blue Man Group The Complex
Blue Mercedes Blue Mercedes
Blue Oyster Cult On A Flame With-Best Of
Blues Brothers Best Of
Blues Brothers Briefcase Full Of Blues
Blues Brothers Definative Collection
Blur Blur
Blur Leisure
Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish
Blur Park Life
Blur **13** Special Pack
Blur Great Escape
Blur Essential Blur Promo
Blur Think Tank Advance
Blur Collectors Edition Import
Blur Blur-Ti-Go Promo
Blur Best Of 2 cd set
Bodeans Love+Sex+Hope+Dream
Bodeans Go Slowly Down
Bodeans Best Of
Body Count Body Count
Boggus, Suzy Greatest Hits
Bogosian, Eric Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll
Bolshoi Lindy's Party
Bolton, Michael Greatest Hits 85-95
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi Crush Promo-advance
Bon Jovi Bounce CD-R
Bon Jovi Crossroad
Bon Jovi New Jersey
Bon Jovi This Left Feels Right CD-R
Bonham, Tracy Burden Of Being Upright
Boo Radleys Wake Up
Boogie Box High Outrageous
Boogie Down Productions Return Of The Boom Bat
Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music
Boogiemonsters Riders On The storm
Book Of Love Book Of Love
Book Of Love I Touch Roses-Best Of
Book Of Love Lullabye
Bookey T & The MGS Essentials-Best Of CD-R
Boomkat Boomkatolouge advance
Boomtown Rats Greatest Hits
Boone, Debby Best Of
Boone, Pat In A Metal Mood
Boone, Pat Greatest Hits
Boss Hog Boss Hog
Boston Boston
Boston Greatest Hits
Bourgeouis Tagg Yo Yo
Bow Wow Wow Best Of
Bow Wow Wow Best Of #2
Bowie, David Outside
Bowie, David Earthling
Bowie, David Hereos
Bowie, David Labyrith Soundtrack
Bowie, David Pin Ups
Bowie, David Staion To Station
Bowie, David Scary Monsters
Bowie, David Let's Dance
Bowie, David Black Tie, White Noise
Bowie, David Christina F CD-R
Bowie, David Low
Bowie, David Diamond Dogs
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust
Bowie, David Aladin Sane
Bowie, David Lodger
Bowie, David Never Let Me Down
Bowie, David Fame 90 Cd single
Bowie, David Young Americans
Bowie, David ChangesBowie
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust-Motion Picture
Bowie, David Singles 69-93
Bowie, David Heathen 2 cd set
Bowie, David Reality cd-r
Bowie, David Box Set
Box Pleasure & Pain
Boxcar Racer Boxcar Racer CD-R
Brady Bunch Christmas With
Brady Bunch Kids From
Brady Bunch Best Of
Brady Bunch Phonographic Album
Brady Bunch Meet The
Bragg, Billy Workers Playtime
Bragg, Billy Best Of CD-R
Brainbox Primorida
Bramhall, Doyle **2**
Bramhall, Doyle Jellycream
Bran Van 3000 Glee
Bran Van 3000 2001 cd CD-R
Branch, Michelle Hotel Paper
Branch, Michelle Spirit Room
Brand New Heavies Ryme Experience Vol 1
Brand New Heavies Debut Cd
Brand New Heavies Brother Sister
Brand New Heavies Excursions
Brand New Heavies Excursions & More Promo
Branigan, Laura Essentials-Best Of CD-R
Braxton, Toni Debut Cd
Bread Retrospective 2 cd set
Breakfast Club Debut Cd
Breeders Last Splash
Breeders Pod
Brickell, Edie Shooting Rubber Bands At The Sky
Brickell, Edie Picture Perfect Morning
Brion, Jon Meaninglessness CD-R
Brisebois, Danielle Arrive all Over You
Brisebois, Danielle Portable Life Advance-Promo
Brooke Coming Home
Brooke, Jonatha Steady Pull CD-R
Brooke, Jonatha 10 Cent Wings CD-R
Brooks, Garth The Hits
Brooks, Merideth Blurring The Edge
Brother Beyond Trust
Brown, Bobby Don't Be Cruel
Brown, Bobby Greatest Hits
Brown, Ian Golden Greats
Brown, James Live at The Apollo 62
Brown, James Reality
Brown, James Hello Nasty
Brown, James CD Of JB 1
Brown, James Cd Of JB 2
Brown, James Soul Sessions Live
Brown, James Funky Christmas
Brown, James There It Is
Brown, James Get On The Good Foot
Brown, James Santa's Got A Brand New bag
Brown, James Startime Sampler
Brown, James There It Is
Brown, James Revolution Of The Mind
Brown, James Greatest Hits 4th Decade
Brown, James Sex Machine
Brown, James Startime Box Set
Browne, Jackson Very Best Of 2 cd set CD-R
Browne, Jackson Lawyers In Love
Browne, Jackson Hold Out
Browne, Jackson Running On Empty
Bruce, Lenny Carniage Hall Concert
BT 10 years in life cd #1 CD-R
BT Still Life Ve 1.0
BT Moments In Still Life
Buckingham, Lindsey Words & Music-Best Of Promo
Buckley, Jeff Grace
Buckley, Jeff Sweetheart The Drunk
Buckley, Jeff Live at Sine'
Buckley, Jeff Mystery White Boy
Buddha's Dream
Buddy System Debut
Buffalo Daughter Captain Vapor Atheletes
Buffalo Daughter New Rock CD-R
Buffalo Springfield Box Set Sampler
Buffalo Tom Let Me Come Over
Buffalo Tom Big Red Letter Day
Buffalo, Grant Lee Fuzzy
Buffalo, Grant Lee Jubilee
Buffet, Jimmy Box Set Sampler
Buggles The Age Of Plastic
Bugnon, Alex Love Season
Bunton, Emma Girl Like Me Import
Bunton, Emma Girl Like Me Plus CD-R
Burke, Chris Singer In The Band
Burns, George Young at Heart
Burns, George Musical Trip with
Burns, George & Bobby Vinton
Burns, George An Evening With
Bush 16 Stone
Bush Razor Blade Suitcase
Bush The Science Of Things
Bush Golden State CD-R
Bush, Kate The Dreaming
Bush, Kate Aspects Of Sensual World
Bush, Kate The Red Shoes
Bush, Kate Hounds Of Love
Bush, Kate Kick Inside
Bush, Kate Eat The Music Cd Single
Bush, Kate The Whole Story-Best Of
Bush, Kate The Sensual World
Busta Rymes Best Of
Butcher, Jon Best Of
Butera, Sam Ultra Lounge
Butler, Jonathan Best Of
Butter 08 Debut
Butterfly Jones Napalm Springs
Butthole Surfers Electric Larryland
Butthole Surfers Weird Revolution CD-R
Buzzcocks All Set
Buzzcocks Operters Manual-Best
Byrds 20 Essential Tracks
Byrds Back Pages Promo
Byrne, David Look Into The Eyeball
C&C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat
C, Melanie Northern Star
Cabaret Voltaire Code
Cadell, Meryn Angel Food For Thought
Cages Hometown
Cake Fashion Nugget
Cake Never There Cd Single
Call Best Of
Call Reconciled
Calloway, Cab Are You Hep To The Jive
Calloway, Cab Fabolous Mr Calloway
Cameo Best Of
Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night
Campbell, Glenn Essential Volume #1
Campbell, Glenn Essential Volume #2
Campbell, Glenn Essential Volume #3
Campbell, Isobel Amorino cd-r
Campbell, Tisha Tisha
Camper Van Beethoven Virgin Years Promo
Camper Van Beethoven Key Lime Pie
Camper Van Beethoven Vantiquities
Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Landslide Victory
Candlebox Candlebox
Candy Butchers Falling Into Place
Candy Butchers Playing with Your Head
Candy Butchers Live at La BonBoniere
Candy Skins A Brief History Promo
Candy Skins Death Of A Minor Tv Celebrity
Candyflip Madstock
Cantor, Eddie Columbia Years
Cantrell, Blu So Blu CD-R
Cantrell, Jerry Boggy Depot
Capitol Jazz 2 cd set
Capitol Records Leguna Beach Sampler
Capitol Records April 97 Sampler
Captain & Tenille Ultimate Collection
Cardigans First Band On The moon
Cardigans Emerdale
Cardigans Life
Cardigans Grand Turismo
Cardigans Rise & Shine ep Import
Carey, Mariah #1s
Carey, Mariah Glitter CD-R
Carey, Mariah Greatest Hits cd 1 CD-R
Carey, Mariah Charm Bracelet CD-R
Carlisle, Belinda Real
Carlisle, Belinda Greatest Hits
Carlton, Vanessa Be No Nobody
Carmen, Eric Definative Collection
Carnes, Kim Best Of
Carpenters Singles 69-73
Carpenters Interpretations 25th anniversary
Carpenters If I Were-Tribute Cd
Carpenters Love Songs
Carr, Vicki Greatest Hits
Carrack, Paul 21 Good Reasons-Best Of
Carrack, Paul Groove Approved
Carrol, Jim Best Of
Cars Anthology 2 cd set
Carson, Lori everything I Touch Runes Wild
Carson, Lori Shelter
Carter USM 101 Damnations
Carter USM 1992 Love Album
Carter USM 30 Something
Carter USM Sound Of Electric Guitar Import
Carter, Deana Did I Shave My Legs For This
Casablanca Records Sampler Promo
Case, Peter Peter Case
Case, Peter Full Service No Waiting
Case, Peter Sings Like Hell
Case, Peter Flying Saucer Blues
Case, Peter Beeline
Case, Peter Six Pack Of love
Cash, Johnny Essential CD #1 CD-R
Cash, Johnny Essential CD #2 CD-R
Cash, Johnny Blood, Sweat & Tears
Cash, Johnny Unchained
Cash, Johnny American Recordings
Cash, Johnny Solitary Man
Cash, Johnny Man Comes Around
Cash, Johnny Columbia 58-86
Cash, Johnny Personal Christmas
Cash, Johnny Just Cash-Hits CD-r
Cash, Johnny Unearthed Box set Sampler
Cash, Johnny Water From Wells Of Home
Cash, Johnny Mystery Of Life
Cash, Johnny Coming To Tonw/Chicka Boom
Cash, Rosanne 10 Song Demo
Cash, Rosanne Retrospective
Cash, Rosanne Rules Of Travel Promo Advance
Cassidy, David Best Of
Cassidy, David David Cassidy
Cassidy, Eva Best Of CD-R
Cassidy, Shaun Greatest Hits
Catatonia International Velvet
Catherine Wheel Happy Days
Catherine Wheel Adam & Eve
Catherine Wheel Radio Hits Sampler Promo
Catherine Wheel Ferment
Catherine Wheel Chrome
Catherine Wheel I Want To Touch You EP
Cave, Nick Best Of
Cave, Nick Nocturnarama CD-R
Cave, Nick No More Shall We Part
Cave, Nick Boatman's Call CD-R
Cave, Nick A Collection cd-r
Cave, Nick Henry's Dream cd-r
Cavedogs Joyrides For Shut Ins
Cavedogs Soul Martini
Cavedogs Tayter Country ep Promo
Cavedogs Rock Takes A Holiday Promo
Cavedogs Six Tender Moments Promo
Caviar Caviar
Cema Sings
Chameleons UK Strange Times
Channel Live Station Identification
Chapin, Harry Gold Medal Collection
Chapin-Carpenter, Mary Stones In The Road
Chapin-Carpenter, Mary Come On Come On
Chapman, Tracy New Beginings
Chapman, Tracy Tracy Chapman
Chapman, Tracy Telling Stories
Chapman, Tracy Let It Rain CD-R
Chapman, Tracy Crossroads CD-R
Chapman, Tracy Matters Of The Heart
Charles & Eddie Chocolate Milk
Charles & Eddie Duophonic
Charles, Ray Genius + Soul = Jazz
Charles, Ray Greates Hits 2 cd set
Charles, Ray Box Set Sampler Promo
Charles, Ray Box Set
Charlie In The Box CD-R
Charltans UK Us & Only Us
Charltans UK Between 10th & 11th
Charltans UK Some Friendly
Charltans UK Can't Be Bothered
Cheap Trick Greatest Hits
Cheap Trick Sex, America-Best Of Promo
Cheap Trick Box Set
Cheech & Chong Anthology 2 cd set
Chemical Brothers Surender ep
Chemical Brothers hye boy hey girl ep
Chemical Brothers Out Of Control ep
Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole
Chemical Brothers Come with Us
Cher It's A Man's world
Cher Greatest Hits
Cherry, Eagle eye Desireless
Cherry, Eagle eye Present/Future CD-R
Cherry, Neneh Man Import
Cherry, Neneh Raw Like Sushi
Cherry, Neneh Homebrew
Chesnutt, Cody Headphone Experience CD #1
Chestnutt, Cody Headphone Experience CD #2
Chevalier, Maurice Best Of
Chic Dance Dance Dance-Best Of
Chicago The Very Best 2 cd set
Chilites Greatest Hits
Chilliwack Greatest Hits
Chilton, Alex 19 Years: The Best Of
Chimes The Chimes
Chingy Jackpot CD-R
Chipmunks Sing The Beatles
Chipmunks A Go Go
Chris & Cosey Exotica
Christians The Christians
Christy, June Capitol Collectors Series
Christy, Lauren Debut
Chumbawba Tub Thumping
Church Starfish
Church Golden Afternoon Fix
Church Life Before Starfish Promo
Church Heyday
Church Forget Yourself cd-r
Cibo Matto Stereotype A
Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album
Cinderella Long Cold Winter
Citizen King Mobile Estates
Clannad Past Present-Best Of
Clapton, Eric Best Of
Clapton, Eric Cream Of
Clark, Petula Treasures Vol 1
Clark, Petula Downtown-Best Of
Clarke, Gilby Pawnshop Guitars
Clarkson, Kelly Thankful
Clary, Robert Sings Rodgers & Hart
Clash Combat Rock
Clash London Calling
Clash Sandinista 2 cd set
Clash Cut The Crap
Clash Story Of Vol 1
Clash Black Market Clash
Clash Clash On Broadway-interview Promo
Clash Give Em Enough Rope CD-R
Clash The Clash-UK Version CD-R
Clash The Clash-US Version CD-R
Clash On Broadway: Box Set
Classical JS Bach: Concerto Ffor 2 Harpsicords
Classical Simply Sarah:  Sarah Chang Plays
Classical Bruckner Symphonie No 8
Classical Sharon Isbin: American Landscape
Classical Gateway To Classical Vol 1 2 cd set
Classical Gateway To Classical Vol 2 2 cd set
Classical Hayden London Symphonies
Classical Classical Chill Out
Classical Thomas Hampson:  For The soul
Classical Vivaldi 4 Seasons: Kennedy
Classical Beethoven 1 & 3: Sawallisch
Classical Key To Classics: Bach
Classical Key To Classics: Beethoven
Classical Key To Classics: Brahms
Classical Key To Classics: Chopin
Classical Key To Classics: Mahler
Classical Key To Classics: Mozart
Classical Key To Classics: Ravel
Classical Key To Classics: J Strauss
Classical Key To Classics: Tchaikovsky
Classical Key To Classics: Verdi
Classical Key To Classics: Vivaldi
Classical Key To Classics: Wagner
Classical Vaughn William: Symphonie #5
Classical Perfect Vivaldi
Clayton, Josh Felt Like Making A Live Record
Clayton, Josh Spirit Touches Ground
Clayton, Josh Innarticulate Nature Boy
Clayton, Josh Soon Enough Cd Single
Clayton, Josh Beautiful Nowhere
Clegg, Johnny Best Of
Climie Fisher Everything
Climie Fisher Coming In For The kill
Cline, Patsy Duets
Cline, Patsy Always Patsy
Cline, Patsy Tribute
Cline, Patsy Collection: Box Set
Clinton, George Greatest Hits
Clinton, George Greatest Funkin Hits
CMJ Convention 1999
Coasters The Very Best
Cochrane, Tom Songs Of Circling Sky
Cochrane, Tom Mad Mad World
Cock Robin Debut
Cockburn, Bruce Waiting For A Miracle
Cockburn, Bruce Nothing But A Burning Promo
Cockburn, Bruce Singles 79-02
Cocker, Joe Best Of
Cocker, Joe Night Calls
Cocker, Joe Classics
Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas
Cocteau Twins Cocteau Twins
Cocteau Twins Pink Opaque
Cocteau Twins Four Calendar Café
Cocteau Twins Garlands
Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels
Cocteau Twins Otherness EP
Cocteau Twins Snow EP
Cocteau Twins Evangaline EP
Cocteau Twins Twinlights EP
Cocteau Twins Milk & Kisses
Cocteau Twins BBC Sessions 2 cd set
Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll
Cocteau Twins Treasure 
Cocteau Twins Victorialand
Cohen, Leonard I'm Your Fan-Tribute
Cohen, Leonard Tower Of Song-Tribute
Cohen, Leonard 10 New Songs
Cohen, Leonard Death Of A Ladies Man
Cohen, Leonard New Skin For Old Ceremony
Cohen, Leonard Songs 
Cohen, Leonard The Future
Cohen, Leonard I'm Your Man
Cohen, Leonard Best Of
Cohn, Marc Debut
Coldplay Parachutes
Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Coldplay Live 2003
Cole, Holly Dark Dear Heart
Cole, Holly Romantically Helpless
Cole, Holly Blame It On My Youth
Cole, Holly It Happened Once Night
Cole, Holly Tempation
Cole, Holly Don't Smoke In Bed
Cole, Lloyd Music In A Foreign Language Import
Cole, Lloyd Plastic Wood Import
Cole, Lloyd The Negatives
Cole, Lloyd Negatives Mix CD-R
Cole, Lloyd Weeping Wine EP
Cole, Lloyd Morning Is Broekn EP
Cole, Lloyd She's A Girl EP
Cole, Lloyd Sentimental Fool EP
Cole, Lloyd Love Story
Cole, Lloyd Easy Pieces-Commotions
Cole, Lloyd Mainstream-Commotions
Cole, Lloyd Rattlesnakes-Commotions
Cole, Lloyd 84-89: Best Of Commotions
Cole, Lloyd Lloyd Cole
Cole, Lloyd Lloyd Cole-Special Pack
Cole, Lloyd The Collection Import
Cole, Lloyd The Best Of Import
Cole, Lloyd Bad Vibes
Cole, Lloyd Don't Get Weird On Me Babe
Cole, Lloyd No Blue Skies EP
Cole, Lloyd No Blues Skies Import EP
Cole, Lloyd Like Lovers Do EP
Cole, Lloyd Like Lovers Do #2 3 cd set
Cole, Lloyd So You'de Like To Save The World EP
Cole, Nat Jumpin At Capitol
Cole, Nat After Midnight
Cole, Nat Capitol Collectors Series
Cole, Nat George Shearing Plays
Cole, Nat Love Is The Thing
Cole, Nat To Whom It May Concern
Cole, Nat Very Thought Of You
Cole, Nat Just One Of Those Things
Cole, Nat St Loius Blues
Cole, Nat Wild Is Love
Cole, Nat Nat Cole Story 2 cd set
Cole, Nat At The Sands
Cole, Nat Christmas Song
Cole, Nat Box Set
Cole, Natalie Good To Be Back
Cole, Natalie Unforgettable
Cole, Paula Amen
Cole, Paula Harbinger
Cole, Paula This Fire
Cole. Lloyd ETC Import
Collective Soul 7 Year Itch: Best Of CD-R
College Boyz Radiofushionradio
Collins, Edwyn Gorgeous George
Collins, Phil Hell, I Must Be Going
Collins, Phil Hits
Collins, Phil Face Value
Collins, Phil No Jacket Required
Colour Me Badd Debut
Colourbox Mad 315
Colourbox Colourbox
Colourfield Deception
Coltrane, John Impulse Years 3 cd set
Colvin, Shaun Whole New You
Colvin, Shaun Live In 88
Colvin, Shaun Holiday Songs
Colvin, Shaun Steady On Special Pack
Colvin, Shaun Fat City
Colvin, Shaun Cover Girl
Colvin, Shaun Few Small Repairs
Combustable Edison Progresive Sounds
Combustable Edison I Swinger
Comedy Comedy Classics
Comedy Dr Demento's 25th Anniversary 2 cd set
Comedy Spy Magazine: White Men Can't Wrap
Comedy Spy Magazine:Spy Music
Comedy Spy Magazine: Soft, Safe & Sanitized
Comedy Dr Demento's 20th Anniversary
Communards Debut
Como, Perry Legendary Performer
Como, Perry Season's Greetings
Como, Perry Golden Records
Como, Perry All The Greatest
Como, Perry Box Set
Concrete Blonde Recollection
Concrete Blonde Walking In London
Concrete Blonde Still In Hollywood
Concrete Blonde Mexican Moon EP
Concrete Blonde Mexican Moon
Concrete Blonde Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man EP
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting
Concrete Blonde Group Therapy
Conjure One debut CD-R
Connick, Harry jr Songs I Heard CD-R
Connick, Harry jr Blue Light Red Light
Connick, Harry jr When Harry Met Sally
Connick, Harry jr She's A Girl
Connick, Harry jr **20
Connick, Harry jr We Are In Love
Connick, Harry jr **25
Connors, Norman Best Of
Cooke, Sam Greatest
Cooler Kids Punk Debutante advance
Coolio It Takes a Thief advance
Coolio Gansta's Paradise advance
Cooper, Alice Best Of
Cope, Julian My Nation Underground
Cope, Julian Floored Genuis-Best Of
Copeland, Stewart Equalizer
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Story Of Vol 1
Cornershop When I Was Born or The 7th Time
Costa, Nikki Everybody's Got Their
Costeau CD-r
Costello, Elvis Brutal Youth 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis This Years Model 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Spike 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Blood & Chocolate 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Extreme Honey-Best Of
Costello, Elvis All This Useless Beauty 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis The Best Of
Costello, Elvis The Very Best
Costello, Elvis Cruel Smile
Costello, Elvis For The Stars
Costello, Elvis Selections From Useless/Spike Promo
Costello, Elvis King Of America
Costello, Elvis Kojak Variety 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Live at Mocambo
Costello, Elvis Girls Girls Girls 2 cd import
Costello, Elvis Juliet Letters CD-R
Costello, Elvis Sweetest Punch
Costello, Elvis Armed Forces 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis When I Was Cruel
Costello, Elvis Imperial Bedroom 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Mighty Like A Rose 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Painted From Memory
Costello, Elvis My Aim Is True 2 cd set
Costello, Elvis Almost Blue./Imperial Bedroom 2 Fer
Costello, Elvis Trust Bonus Disc CD-r
Costello, Elvis Get Happy-Bonus disc CD-R
Costello, Elvis Punch The Clock-Bonus Disc CD-R
Costello, Elvis Punch The Clock/Goodbye Cruel 2 fer 2 Fer
Costello, Elvis Trust/Get Happy 2 Fer
Costello, Elvis North
Counting Crows Hard candy
Counting Crows Recovering The Satelittes
Counting Crows Across A Wire
Counting Crows This Desert Life
Counting Crows August & Everything After
Counting Crows Films About Ghosts: Best Of
Coverdale Page Coverdale Page
Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down
Cowboy Junkies Essential Promo-Best Of
Cowsils Live In Concert
Cracker Cracker
Cracker Golden Age
Cracker Keroscene Hat
Cracker Garage d'oor
Cranberries Stars-Best Of
Cranberries Everybody Is Doing It
Cranberries No Need To Argue
Cranberries To The Faithfully Departed
Cranberries Bury The Hatchett
Cranberries Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
Crash Test Dummies God Shuffled His Feet
Cray, Robert In Store Play Sampler Best Of -Promo
Creatures Boomerang
Creed Best Of CD-R
Creedance Cleerwater Revival Chronicles cd 1
Creedance Cleerwater Revival Chronicles cd 2
Creeper Lagoon Take Back The
Crenshaw, Marshall Debut CD
Crenshaw, Marshall This Is Easy: Best Of
Croce, Jim Time In A Bottle: Best
Croce, Jim Photos & Movies: Greatest Hits
Crosby, Bing All Time Best
Crosby, Bing Greatest Hits
Crosby, Bing Christmas Classics
Crosby, Bing & Fred Astaire
Crosby, Bing Box Set
Crosby, Stills & Nash Box Set Sampler Promo: Best Of
Cross, Christopher Best Of
Crow, Sheryl Globe Sessions
Crow, Sheryl Sheryl Crow
Crow, Sheryl C'mon C'mon
Crow, Sheryl Tuesday Night Music Club
Crow, Sheryl Very Best Of
Crowded House Crowded House
Crowded House Woodface
Crowded House Temple Of The Low Men
Crowded House Together Alone
Crowded House Distant Sun ep Import
Crowded House Afterglow
Crowded House Reucurring Dream 2 cd: Best Of
Crowded House Possesed EP
Crowded House Locked Out Ep
Crowded House Live At Town & Country Club Promo Best
Cruise, Julee Floating In The Night
Cruzados Debut CD
Crystal Waters Surprise
Cult Beyond Good & Evil CD-R
Cult High Octane Cult:Best Import
Cult Rockers Ravers Lovers Sinner: Best Import
Culture Club Kissing To Be Clever
Culture Club VH1 Storytellers
Culture Club Colour By Numbers
Culture Club Waking Up With The House On Fire
Culture Club Best Of
Culture Club Boy George-Il Adore Import EP
Culture Club Boy George: Sold
Cure Bloodflowers
Cure Galore
Cure Retrospective: Promo: Best Of
Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Cure Greatest Hits
Cure Staring At The Sea: Singles
Cure Wild Mood Swings
Cure Disintergration
Curiosity Killed The Cat Get A Head
Curiosity Killed The Cat Keep Your Distance
Curry, Mark Debut
Curry, Mark ep
Curry, Mark Let The Wretched Come Home
Curry, Tim Best Of
Curtis, Catie Truth From Lies
Curve Fait Accompli
Curve Doppelganger
Curve Pubic Fruit
Cutting Crew Broadcast