As we work to make it in Hollywood, we have realized that sometimes you have to make your own breaks.
That's why we make our own little films.
(Check out out Blair Witch Project parody on this site).
Who knows, we may become the next Matt & Ben.
Okay wait. That would be bad because then one of us would have to be the dopey one.
Okay maybe the next Baldwin Brothers?
No, then both of us would have to be dopey one.
This is the sitcom Todd, Keith and friend JW wrote. It's currently being shopped around.
*The Last Laugh (TV Pilot)

Anyway, here are some film ideas we are working on.

"FALL RIVER" or "Drinking With Townies" A St Elmo's Fire like comedy set in the 1980s.

"FAMOUS" A "Tales From The Crypt" Hollywood Horror Story.

"ON THE ROAD" One man's road trip goes horribly wrong.

"IN THE DOOR" Two up & coming actors accidentally kill their roommate and try to cover it up.

"HAPPY HA HA & CRACK WHORE" A twisted children's live action/puppet show about a loveable puppet who lives in a birthday cake with his crack whore.

"THE EXTRA EXTRA" The trials and tribulations of a Hollywood background actor AKA An Extra.

"A CITY LOST" A group of archeologists discover a lost underground world and must fight their way back to the surface.

And "The Last Laugh" Tv Pilot: Two brothers who inherit money and open a comedy club..< BR>