Double Take Entertainment Group shot their first film "Man's Best Friend"
in October of 2007.
A SAG signatory short film about a man who is a little too obsessed with his pet.
"Man's Best Friend" world premiered at Open APPerture Short Film Festival on March 28, 2008.
The film then screened at Southern Winds Film Festival September 12, 2008
where it was nominated for Best Short Narative.
January 18, 2009 it screened at Trail Dance Film Festival.

DTEG's short "Who Would You?",
starring J. Carlos Ragas and Tiffany Phillips, won the Best Comedy Short award
when it world premiered at the Trail Dance Film Festival on January 23, 2010.
It screened at many festivals all around the world.

Todd Eric Valcourt joined forces with BoomChickBoom and directed 5 of their short films
including "Driving Miss Crazy" which earned a Best Comedy Short nomination already
and is currently screening on the festival circuit.
Look for it at a festival near you!

DTEG had shot a new short, "Jesus Chronicles: part I", which screened at many festivals and is in
pre-production with several films including the dramas
"Purpose", "The Chair Collector",
the Mocumentary
"The Whistler", and comedies "The Day of All Days" & "Writer's Block",
as well as a new animated series
"The Lounge"..

DTEG's latest short, "Judgement Day", world premiered at the 2015 Trail Dance Film Festival where it won the
2015 Best Short Comedy! It is currently screening at festivals all around the world.

DTEG in conjunction with Pinckney/Rossman Productions shot a TV Pilot
called "Security Of State: Campus Cops" which is currently being shopped around.
We did, however, cut an 8 minute short from the project and it is screening at festivals.

DTEG in conjunction with Trentertainment Films shot a B/W Short
called "Hungry", with director Trent and director of photography Todd Eric Valcourt.
It screened at festivals around the world winning several awards.
You can actually see this award winning short right here!

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